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About Healthy Lunch Box

The Healthy Lunch Box website was developed in partnership with OUTRUN CANCER to help families plan and pack a healthy lunch box. Packing a healthy lunch box can set up healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

We know 1 in 3 cancers can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and high fibre foods. Aussie kids don’t eat enough fruit, vegetables and wholegrains so packing them in their lunch box is an easy way to get them eating more.

This website is a one-stop shop for everything families need to know about packing a healthy lunch box. The website provides inspiration and ideas for sandwich alternatives, sandwich filling ideas, snacks, swaps for unhealthy snack foods and information on the five food groups. All our recipes are packed full of fruit, vegies and wholegrains, are nut free, use simple budget friendly ingredients and have been tested so you know they work.

The interactive lunch box builder lets parents and kids plan and pack a lunch box with the healthy foods they like. Children are more likely to eat healthy items if they have chosen them and if their parents eat them too.

At Cancer Council NSW we’re passionate about helping families eat better. The dietitians at CCNSW  base the website information on the Australian Dietary Guidelines so you know it is trustworthy.   We recommend everyone eat a balanced diet from across the five food groups including wholegrain breads & cereals, vegetables & salads, fruit, lean meat & alternatives and dairy.

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