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Healthy recipes with videos

Check out our quick and healthy recipes with easy to follow how-to cooking videos for meals or snacks at any time of day.

These delicious meals will become your new standards and your family will love them.

10 muffins in a black muffin tin with 2 muffins removed and sitting on the right side with a white napkin top left.

Taco egg muffin cup

RECIPE: So quick to prepare. Keep in the freezer for a quick lunch or snack.

Cauliflower nuggets on baking paper in a small serving dish with dipping sauce and lemon wedges to serve.

Cauliflower nuggets

Recipe: Can’t get the kids to eat cauliflower. Try our cauliflower nuggets recipe, the kids will love it for a tasty snack or in their school lunch box.

Carrot and ricotta dip in a small white bowl served on a white plate with baked bread slices for serving.

Carrot and ricotta dip

Recipe: Serve our carrot and ricotta dip as a healthy lunch box treat with pita crisps or as a sandwich spread.

Fruit salad parfait layered in a glass jar with an open lid and a serving spoon on the side.

Fruit salad parfaits

Recipe: For a quick take away breakfast or a lunch box snack whip up our delicious and healthy fruit salad parfait. A great recipe for an after dinner treat too.

Super crispy chicken fingers arranged on baking paper in a rectangle dish topped with two lemon wedges and parsley leaves served on a white cutting board with a lemon wedge on the side.

Super crispy chicken fingers

Recipe: A tasty and healthy take on chicken nuggets, our super crispy chicken fingers will be loved by all. Add to the lunch box with salad or in a wrap.

Thai chicken meatballs on a bed of fresh Asian salad served on a large white plate with dipping sauce, cutlery and cloth napkin on the side.

Thai chicken meatballs

Recipe: Our versatile Thai chicken meatballs are a great lunch box snack on their own or packed with a tasty salad or noodle dish.


No bake cookies

Recipe: Our no bake cookies are quick and easy to make and healthy too! The kids will love this treat in their lunch box or an afternoon snack with a glass of milk.

Veg Pasta Soup

Vegie pasta soup

Recipe: With added pasta the kids will love this delicious and healthy macaroni soup recipe. Easy to freeze or pack leftovers in a thermos for the lunch box.

A spread of halved fresh fruit scattered across a silver dish and white table

Fresh fruit platter

Recipe: A fresh fruit platter makes a refreshing dessert.