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Saving time

Planning and preparing ahead will not only save you time during the morning rush, but will make the process less stressful too.

  • Plan for the week ahead using our healthy lunch box builder¬†and planner. It will save you time before school each morning.
  • Prepare lunch box items the night before – store perishable items in the fridge or freezer and non-perishables in the lunch box.
  • Get in to the habit of cooking extra for dinner and packing leftovers for lunch.
  • Spend some time on the weekend preparing freezer-friendly lunch box items such as vegie muffins, fruit scones, frittata or mini quiches.
  • Make up a loaf of fresh bread into sandwiches on the weekend with simple fillings such as chicken with pesto or leftover home-cooked meat with mustard and then freeze. Pack fresh salad separately in a plastic container to add to sandwiches at lunch time.
  • Allocate a drawer or area of the kitchen where lunch boxes and containers are kept, making them handy to find come packing time.
  • Stock the pantry and fridge with lunch box staples such as; dried fruit; canned fruit in natural juice; baked beans; canned tuna or salmon; wholegrain crackers, crispbread or Corn Thins; long-life milk poppers; and long-life custard tubs.