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Adding fruit and vegetables

Fruit and veg has great nutritional value that helps kids learn and play at school. Eating fruit and veg also has cancer prevention benefits. Plus there’s the added budget bonus: fruit and veg, especially produce that’s in season, is often much cheaper than packaged products and it tastes better too. Why wouldn’t you pack fruit and veg every day?!

  • Include at least two serves of veg and at least one of fruit in the lunch box every day.
  • Include fruit and veg as snacks as well as part of main meals in the lunch box.
  • Send chopped vegies for Crunch & Sip.
  • Serve fruit and veg snacks at home, so they become familiar foods when packed in the lunch box.
  • Fresh fruit makes a great snack, as it is easy to eat and not too messy.
  • Add fruit and veg to home-made goods such as muffins, scones, pikelets, bliss balls, pizza, frittata and mini quiches. Try ingredients such as sultana, carrot, zucchini, apple, pear, banana or pumpkin. Baked goods can be made in advance, then wrapped individually and frozen.
  • Include vegies and salad as sandwich fillings.
  • Avoid packaged snacks. Think of fruit and veg as go-to daily snacks.
  • Keep the pantry or fridge stocked with dried or canned fruit ready to pack if you run out of fresh.
  • Fruit or fruit puree tubs in natural juice or a box of sultanas are quick and easy snacks.
  • Pack a rainbow of different fruits and veg to make lunches look more attractive and provide a variety of nutrients.
  • Keep on serving fruit and veg and praise your child for eating new foods packed in the lunch box.

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