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Which mango are you?

Date: January 12, 2022
Time to read: 5 min
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Kensington Pride are arguably Australia’s most popular mango variety with it’s sweet tangy flavour and a strong mango aroma when ripe.  However, Calypso mangoes are in close competition.  While Calypso mangos have a milder flavour they have firmer, fibreless flesh meaning you won’t get those stringy bits of mango stuck in your teeth and they have a smaller seed giving you more mango to eat.  R2E2 mangos have a sweet mild flavour and store well as they are known for their long shelf life.

We all need to eat 2 serves of fruit a day and 1 cup of chopped mango or 1 large mango cheek can count as one serve.  🥭 What a delicious way to get 90% of your vitamin C and 7% of your fibre requirements! 🥭

There is nothing more disappointing than slicing into a mango and finding out it’s not ripe yet.  Here’s how to tell if a mango is ready to eat?

  • The colour turns from green to orange, red or rosy, depending on the variety.
  • The skin gives a little when pressed softly. If it is too mushy, the mango is over-ripe.
  • There is a delicious sweet fragrance near the stem of the mango.

There is one thing you can’t deny, mangoes are messy! Many parents say the best place for kids to eat mangoes is in the bath.

Here are our top 5 ways to enjoy a mango:

  • Enjoy on its own – see our video on 3 ways to serve a mango
  • Add to salads for some extra sweetness
  • Use in fruit salad or a parfait
  • Make frozen fruit puree so that you can enjoy mangos all year round
  • Add to smoothies

Check out what’s in season for summer for more fruit and veg ideas!


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