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What’s in season for autumn?

Date: April 25, 2023
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What’s in season for autumn?

The autumn months provides brings an abundance of produce that has ripened over summer and are at their best for us to enjoy.  Pears are at their peak, apples are crunchy and delicious and figs are fantastic.  As the months creep into winter, cooler climate loving vegetables such as beetroot, kale and broccoli are at their best.

Top 3 fruits to try

🍎 Amazing apples: full of fibre and Vitamin C and so easy to pack as a snack. Delicious in this Waldorf salad, in a healthy apple crumble or chopped into pieces ready to eat for Crunch and Sip.

🍌 Beautiful bananas: the perfect fruit to eat on its own, sliced on toast or smashed in a yummy banana pikelet – it even comes in its own packaging.

🍐 Perfect pears: full of fibre and folate.  Slice and place on crackers with some cheese for a perfect after school snack or pop into a salad.

Top 3 vegetables to add to your day

🍄 Marvelous mushrooms: eat raw or cooked.  Use to replace some of the meat in your recipes like in this chicken and vegetable lasagne.

🍅 Terrific tomatoes: a juicy flavour boost – in salads, on sandwiches, sliced on toast with a grind of black pepper and in these fresh and cooked pasta sauces.

🥒 Snow peas: also known as ‘mangetout’ which means ‘eat it all’ in French.  Snow peas can be eaten whole, raw or cooked. Great on their own as a Crunch and Sip snack or add them to a stir fry.

Why eat seasonally?

  • It’s good for the environment
  • Your food is fresher and more nutritious
  • It tastes better
  • It supports local farmers and our economy
  • It’s cheaper than imported fruit and vegetables

Check out what else is in season for autumn:


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