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‘Spring’ into eating more veg and fruit

Date: January 10, 2022
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As the weather shifts into the warmer months, it’s a great time to take advantage of the new fruits and vegetables that spring provides!

Get more superfoods into your day

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are packed full of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fibre, essential for good health. They are the true ‘superfoods’ that you should include in each meal.

Did you know we should all eat 5 serves of vegies and 2 serves of fruit each day?

It may sound a lot, but if you spread your fruit and vegies out over the day, it’s actually quite easy.  Find out more about how you can meet the recommended serves of vegies and fruit here.

Having a list of healthy recipes that you and your family like will help you plan your weekly shopping list and menu.  Why not try one of our favourite recipes that use spring produce this week!


Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt – help out the strawberry farmers and chop up a punnet of strawberries and serve with some yoghurt for a healthy breakfast.  Just 6 strawberries are a fruit serve and the yoghurt will provide calcium for strong bones.




Two turkey, apple and avocado crepes on a wooden serving board sitting on white cloth napkin with a green smoothie in a glass jar in the background.Turkey, apple and avocado crepe – crisp apple and creamy avocado works well for a delicious lunch your family will love.  If you don’t have turkey, you can use leftover chicken.




Image of six beetroot and spinach bliss balls in a bowl of coconut for rolling and another six balls on a baking paper on a cooling rack with a wooden spoonBeetroot and spinach bliss balls – both beetroot and spinach are  in season so why not give this healthy bliss ball recipe a go?  Perfect for a sweet mid-afternoon pick me up!




Image of greek salad from above in a white bowl on a wooden chopping board with a white napkinGreek salad – fresh and crunchy, this salad provides a whopping 3 serves of veg.  Add some hummus and wholemeal pita bread for a tasty lunch or meat-free Monday dinner.




Image of Moroccan lentil salad in a large white bowl shot from above with two serving utensils in the bowl.Moroccan lentil salad and grilled lamb – seasonal green beans are so sweet, your family will ask for seconds of this delicious dinner meal that can be on the table within 40 minutes!




What else is in season this spring?  Here’s your simple guide:



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