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How to pack a healthy lunch box – kindy orientation resources

Date: January 10, 2022
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Starting ‘big’ school is a huge deal not only for children, but also for parents or caregivers as it may be the first time packing a lunch box.

Developed by dietitians, Cancer Council NSW’s Healthy Lunch Box website is a resource that can be trusted. It makes it easy to plan and pack a healthy lunch box kids will love to eat!

With kindy orientation being held differently this year due to COVID restrictions, Cancer Council NSW has a number of handy resources for schools and new parents and carers on how to pack a lunch box.

Resources for parents and carers:

Why do kids need a healthy lunch box?

Children spend half their waking day at school and kindy kids will eat around 400 recess snacks and lunches over the year.  So it’s really important the food in their lunch box provides the energy and nutrients they need to learn and play – all day. Packing a healthy lunch box sets kids up for life long healthy eating habits.

  • How to Pack a Healthy Lunch Box is an online webinar that can be watched anytime and provides lots of practical information on how to pack a healthy lunchbox.

These blogs cover useful topics:

Did you know the best lunch boxes contain foods from the five food groups?

The Healthy Lunch Box builder is a fun, interactive tool that can be used by kids to choose foods for their lunch box.

Have a go at building a lunch box today!

Resources for schools

Healthy Lunch Box website information flyer 

This pdf can be either inserted into an e-newsletter (the pdf contains hyperlinks for easy access to the website) or printed out to go into kindy orientation packs.  It provides information on what you will find on the website.

Healthy Lunch Box webinar

This 15 minute webinar ‘How to pack a healthy lunch box’, provides lots of information about packing a healthy lunch box.

Healthy Lunch Box webinar flyer

 This pdf promotes the link to the online webinar. It can either be inserted into an e-newsletter or printed out to go into kindy orientation packs. 

Healthy Lunch Box website presentation

This PowerPoint presentation showcases the useful content on the website. Useful for adding to other kindy orientation PowerPoint presentations.


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