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Healthy takeaway guide.

Date: May 21, 2020
Time to read: 5 min
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We are all busy and sometimes you might not have time to shop and cook so getting takeaway can make life easier. You might think getting take away is unhealthy. Well, if you are having hamburgers, fries, cakes, or other high energy and high-fat foods, then yes, that is not ideal. But there may be healthy options available it’s just a matter of finding and choosing them.    

     What are these healthier takeaway options?  

  • Go for salads. They don’t have to be the salad with just greens and nothing else. Look for salads that contain lean meat, fish, eggs or legumes (beans) and lots of veges with not too much dressing. Try oil-based dressings rather than creamy ones.  
  • Sushi. There are wide varieties of sushi available. Choose the ones with salmon, chicken, tuna or avocado and at least one vegetable (cucumber and carrot).  
  • Sashimi is another option, that is full of healthy fats and keeps you fuller for longer! 
  • A sandwich is a great option. Avoid ones with ham and bacon and go for the ones filled with salad or vegetables and lean meat, egg or fish. Try avocado or hummus spread.  
  • The go-to Mexican burrito bowl. A mix of lean meat/tofu, beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, heaps of vegetables with a little bit of dressing completes your meal. Refrain from adding extra dressings and corn chips.   

Five simple tips when buying take away food:  

Plan ahead – choose somewhere with healthier choices available and think about what you are going to order.  

  • Swap the fried, battered or crumbed for grilled, baked, roasted or steamed.   
  • Say no to chips.  
  • Ask for no added salt. 
  • Make sure your meal has plenty of vegetables in it.  

          Don’t forget to make water your drink of choice.  




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