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Getting kids involved in the food they eat

Date: December 20, 2019
Time to read: 1 min
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Getting kids involved in selecting – from healthy choices – what they would like to eat at school means they are more likely to eat what’s packed in the lunch box.

  • Use our lunch box builder with your child to plan a healthy lunch box. Kids can choose from the pictures in each of the food groups.
  • Plan for the week ahead using our lunch box planner [640KB, PDF].
  • Take your child shopping to choose fruit and veg items – let them see, smell and feel the produce with you.
  • Ask kids what they like about friends’ lunches and include healthy items they nominate.
  • Introduce new foods at home with your child first before packing in the lunch box.
  • Consider a special treat, such as a weekend trip to the park, in return for eating what’s packed in the lunch box through the week.


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