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5 healthy summer snacks

Date: January 20, 2021
Time to read: 5 min
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Choosing healthy summer snacks is easy with all the yummy summer fruit and veg available.  We’ve created this list of healthy summer snacks for you to try.  These recipes are great in the lunch box, however they can be enjoyed anytime. 

1. Seasonal fruit

Together with the warmer weather, summer also brings some delicious seasonal fruits. Think mangoes, peaches, strawberries and pineapple.  Packed with fibre and nutrients, these summer fruits make a great snack on their own or mixed together in a refreshing fruit salad

For more information on which fruits are in season during summer, check out our guide to what’s in season this summer. 

2. Nutritious dips 

Image of carrot celery and red capsicum sticks standing in a white serving cup with hummus in a small white bowl on the side

Dips make a tasty summer snack especially when eaten with vegetable sticks or wholegrain crackers. 

3. Homemade fruit ice blocks 

During the warmer months try these homemade frozen fruit puree blocksThese are not only free from added sugars but also contain fibre.  

If ice blocks are not your thing, you can blend the frozen fruit puree to make a refreshing fruit frappe.  Great for an after-school snack.

4. Smoothies

Green smoothie in a glass jug with a lid and straw and a halved green apple on the side

Just like the homemade fruit puree ice blocks, a fruit or vegie smoothie can be a refreshing and healthy summer snack.  Try our green or berrylicious smoothie.  You can change up your smoothies by adding different fruits and vegies.  

5. Fresh salads

Jar nachos stacked in a tall glass jar wrapped with a string of twine. Served with pita chips, lemon wedges and a brown napkin on the side.

Summer is the perfect time to eat more salads.  Not only do they make a great main meal, but salads can also be a nutritious and filling snack.  Here are some of our favourites:  


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