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Essential lunch box packing tips

Date: January 13, 2020
Time to read: 2 min
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You’ve spent all that time planning and preparing the contents. Here’s how to make packing, and eating it, easy for you and your child.

  • Choose a lunch box that is easy to clean, seals well and fits in the school bag.
  • Some families prefer lunch boxes with compartments, some like a large container that can hold a collection of small containers or packages such as freezer bags – the important thing is that you find a lunch box that works for your family and that can keep food cold.
  • Make sure the lunch box and the containers inside are easy to open. Small containers stop food from getting squashed and bruised and can be labelled for lunch, recess or Crunch & Sip.
  • Remember to include a fork or spoon when needed.
  • Look for drink containers that fit inside lunch boxes if you want to freeze liquids in them.
  • Don’t use breakable glass or other containers that crack and leak under pressure.
  • Mark containers clearly with your child’s name using a permanent marker or stickers.
  • Allocate a drawer or area of the kitchen where lunch boxes and containers are kept, so you can streamline packing.
  • Do a test run at home with the foods your child will take in the lunch box. This will help familiarise them with the foods and help you to work out what they like and what works for them in the lunch box.
  • If you get food coming home uneaten, ask your child why, as there might be a simple reason, like it’s getting soggy in the lunch box, it takes too long to eat or you are packing a little too much for them.
  • Prevent soggy sandwiches – pack fillings such as tomato and cucumber slices separately to be added to bread at lunch time, or pat slices dry with with paper towel at home before adding to a sandwich.
  • For small appetites or younger children, packing smaller serves can help – like cutting sandwiches into quarters and chopping up fruit.


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