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Do you know how much fruit and veg you should be eating?

Date: April 28, 2022
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Do you know how much fruit and veg you should be eating for good health?

This easy guide shows you how much you and your family should aim for each day.

Fruit and veg serves

What is a serve of veg 🥕 ?

1 serve of veg is 75g. But I hear you saying what does that even mean? A serve of veg is roughly ½ a cup of cooked veg or 1 cup of salad.  Take a look below to see what one serve of your favourite veg looks like on a plate.

What is a serve of fruit 🍎?

1 serve of fruit is 150g which is roughly 1 medium piece of fruit, 2 small pieces or 1 cup of chopped fruit.

Here is what 1 serve of your favourite fruit looks like.


If you are struggling to eat enough fruit and veg, try these tips:

  • Try spreading out over the day – include some fruit or vegetables at breakfast, lunch and as snacks
  • Pick fruit and veg in season – they taste better and cost less
  • Cook vegetables in different ways – roasted or stir fried. Try fruit in different ways, cut up, in a salad or cooked
  • Don’t forget legumes like baked beans and chickpeas count as vegetables too

Try these veg packed recipes that have 3 serves of veg in each serve

Spanish chicken rice

4 pieces of chicken on a bed of rice with chopped capsicum, tomato and green beans served on a square white plate on a wooden platter with a spoon and white napkin on the right

Roast pumpkin and tomato pasta sauce

A white bowl containing spiral pasta and sauce with a linen napkin below

Layered mixed potato bake

Want more information? Check out these blogs for great ways to include more in your day!

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