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Create your own cafe

Date: June 9, 2021
Time to read: 5 min
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Got nothing to do these holidays?  Why not get the kids to ‘create a cafe’.  This fun activity will teach kids how to plan, prepare and serve healthy food in a fun way (and possibly earn them some pocket money along the way 💲🤑).   

Step 1: Choose a theme

Start by deciding what you want to serve in your ‘cafe’.  Will your restaurant specialise in pizza or curry ?  Or maybe serve dumplings or a sushi train for lunch or perhaps a brunch bar offering delicious pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning?

Step 2: Create a name

The next important job is to come up with a fun name for your ‘cafe’ or ‘restaurant’!   🍕 Archie’s Pizza Parlour sounds pleasing, 🍛 Cait’s Curry would be scrumptious or maybe 🌮 Max’s Mexican Taqueria would be taco-rific!  Get your marketing hat on and come up with a catchy name to entice customers.

Step 3: Plan the menu

Browse through our recipes and plan your menu.   If you need some inspiration, take a look at our menu ideas:

🍕 Archie’s Pizza Parlour

🍛 Cait’s Curry

 🌮 Max’s Mexican

🍣 Josh’s Japanese

  • Pork gyoza – did you know that ‘gyoza’ is another word for Japanese dumplings?
  • Vegetable gyoza – you can’t go past trying our veg gyoza too
  • Rainbow sushi – a colourful way to get your vegies

🥞 Brianna’s Brunch Bar

Need more inspiration?  Check out our YouTube channel!

Step 4: Design the menuArchies pizza parlour menu

Get creative and design up a menu, placemats and name tags.  Download our menu template or make your own.  Check out our menu for Archie’s Pizza Parlour for inspiration.  You could even make your own chef hat – watch this video for simple instructions on how.

If you are business-minded, you could list the price of each dish on the menu and earn some 💲 for all your hard work!

Step 5: Set the table ready for customers

Depending on your theme, will you be setting the table with a tablecloth, placemats and serviettes or is it more of a casual affair?  The choice is yours!  Most important is the menu for your customers to peruse.

Step 6: Take orders from your customers

Grab your menus and get to work!  Take orders from your ‘customers’, you might want to ‘up-sell’ the meal and add a special ‘berrylicious smoothie‘ for only $1 😜.

Step 7: Get cooking!

Be like a real chef and ‘mise en place’ – which means ‘get organised’:  

  • Gather your ingredients.   
  • Gather your tools – what saucepans, spoons, knives or cutting boards do you need?
  • Get an adult to help pre-measure and prepare the ingredients. 
  • Put anything away that you don’t need before you start cooking.
  • Get cooking!

Step 8: Time to serve and enjoy!

Plate your dishes and serve up.

Step 9: Clean up

Remember not to leave the dishes for the adults – that is unless they don’t pay up 🙂


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