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5 reasons to bring the kids into the kitchen

Date: February 6, 2020
Time to read: 5 min
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You might think that it’s easier and less messy to keep your kids out of the kitchen. But if you do, you’re actually missing out on a great chance to bond and learn together. Reading recipes, chopping, stirring, measuring, grating and learning more about food develops new skills.

1.    Involving kids in preparing a healthy recipe they have chosen means they are more likely to eat what  has been cooked. A great tip for fussy eaters.

2.    Get them started in the kitchen when they are young and they are more likely to become healthier, independent adults.

3.    By starting young you can help them develop an adventurous palate.

4.    Cooking can build confidence and encourage creativity.

5.    Cooking together builds relationships and helps with communication.

Here’s what they can do:

Young kids can:

·         Wash fruit and veges

·         Tear foods like lettuce or bread

·         Use scissors to trim veges

·         Add premeasured ingredients

·         Stir and sprinkle

Older kids can:

·         Use measuring cups, spoons and scales

·         Use equipment like salad spinners, graters, food processors and blenders under supervision

·         Prep easy to chop ingredients with a kid’s knife

·         Be in charge of preparing simple recipes

Teenagers can:

·         Learn how to use a chef’s knife

·         Be responsible for dinner (or a part of it)

·         Operate kitchen equipment on their own

Try these simple recipes with your kids – there is  even a video to show them how!

Easy pasta salad

Beef kofta

Fried rice

Banana pikelets

Chicken burrito bowl

Japanese vegetable pancakes

Mediterranean scrolls

Carrot and ricotta dip

Chickens couscous salad

Thai chicken meatballs

No bake cookies





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